IBA becomes: A New Program of Innovations?

How will the model of success of international building exhibition will compete in times of an increasing political as well as economic pressure to succeed, of a vanishing readiness to experiment and a rise of private influences on urban development?

IBA becomes: An Exclusion of Routine?

How do building exhibitions manage to create defense mechanism against a structural mean, against the dominance of bureaucracy and superficial economic interest. How may building exhibitions support the willingness to experiment? How do they succeed in securing enough space for creativity?

IBA becomes: New Complex Designing?

How do building exhibitions withdraw from the increasing influence of a media and event economy without losing attraction? How do we create complex tasks of development as communicative processes with a culture of participation and civil engagement which may promise innovations?

IBA becomes: A Global Laboratory?

How will the “international” of the building exhibitions change? Do the international building exhibitions have the competence to become effective world wide instruments of the exchange on future solution strategies for the urgent problems of urban development and to become internationally renowned laboratories?

IBA becomes: A Continuing Process of Learning?

How does an instrument which stands for the demand of presenting new ways and new solutions places itself in times of trends and innovations? How does the new not only become singular but appears continuously so that it initiates permanent impulses for every day practice?

IBA becomes: Innovation and Sustainability?

Do bright ideas manage to lead to efficient and successful reproduction? Are metropolises and regions willing to take profit from the experiences and knowledge of international building exhibitions? Does there exist a learning process in the field of building culture or do we have to gain experiences again and again?

IBA becomes: A Convention for Building Culture?

May we keep the demand of innovations and quality facing this inflation of innovations and quality informally and without any regulations in the future? Do we need a national or even international convention of building exhibitions with respect to a certain culture of proceeding, planning and building?

IBA becomes: A European Network

Do the international building exhibitions succeed in becoming a European format of building culture? Do they take the challenge to enthuse transnational and social networks to enter a joint European process of planning and learning in the field of building culture?

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